Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow Snowflake Bar-ware

I am digging deep in my memory trying to remember where I got my set of snowflake bar-ware. I think it was probably one of those collections that I pieced together over time because the memory is just not coming back. Either I've killed off a memory cell or two using these glasses with adult beverages, or I am getting old. Neither sounds very promising.... In any case, I packed the snowflake pilsners, high balls, collins and shot glasses above and left out the cocktail glasses below. So I guess I am relegating myself to cocktails for the rest of my tenure at this house. Not too bad of a deal, I'd say.

Thankfully then I have three sets of cocktail glasses! My favorite are the etched deco glasses, but I have no idea who made them or when but they are awesome. Another set I use as cocktail glasses is the Libbey Silver Leaf Sherbert glasses. They hold larger 4 oz cocktails and champagne as well, and they have a nifty pitcher that matches!  I also lucked out and found a set to match the snowflake barware which I use most often.

The thing I love about vintage cocktail glasses is they are the correct size! 3oz! Unlike in  today's world of 5oz to 6oz cocktails, back then they drank in sensible portions. Granted it was usually pure alcohol in their concoctions so it's probably better that it was only 3 oz!  But the idea was to drink the drink fast while the cocktail was still ice cold. I think I'll be using these a lot to get through the move!


  1. Love all your barware! I have a weakness for the etched style too. I collect Fostoria Pine.

  2. Those are so beautiful.They would match my bar set too.I love the frosted looking ones too.x

  3. Yes! was thinking that same thing! I do love them altogether like that....

  4. @mid2mod oh yes! I love those... Fostoria has sooooo many good patterns. Those would go so nice with the Franciscan Pine... maybe it was on purpose.