Monday, January 16, 2012

All that Glitters is Gold! - Part1

Imagine me needing a part 1 and 2 to a blog post to feature a collection. This time though, it's not necessarily due to it's size as much as it's location. Half of my gold glitter plastic-ware collection is in one of those deep cabinets that has too many things in front of it to warrant me getting it down just yet. Never fear it will make an appearance eventually. After all, everything has to get packed up one way or the other!

For now, you'll have to settle for what was easily accessible and now packed up. My favorite in the part 1 collection is the Petite Hi-Snacks set made in Burbank California by the Alexander and Wilson Company. Frankly, I'd like to throw a party just with snack set trays. It'd be fun to see all the guests walking around trying to navigate their glass in the cup holder whilst piling their plate with yummy tidbits and trying to enjoy both at once. I am sure my dog would be following everyone around though waiting for the inevitable spills and drops. The more I think about it the more this party would be for him... hmmm.... I'll have to wait for a special birthday for him to warrant such a feast! In any case, these snack trays are marvelous, complete with their box. Funny, on the inside of the box it says....."do not use as ash trays"....hee hee

I also love the little coasters in their stand although I never understood how these make good coasters. Capturing water I am sure they do well, but they are not flat on the inside so setting a glass on the raised star designed seems to welcome a mess to come along. Nevertheless, they make a nice display. Rounding off part 1 of the gold glitter collection are much more sensible party food trays, and essential bar ware of a jigger and stir sticks. I'll admit I didn't pack the jigger. It is necessary for the perfect cosmo and since I have more time left here I might need a perfect cosmo or two to get through this process! In case you are wondering the cosmo is easy, but I'll warn you, I like it limey and not so cranberry-y:

CollectoratorToo's Perfect Cosmopolitan
1 large part vodka (overfill if it's a bad day)
1 small part fresh lime juice (I usually overfill that too)
1 small part triple sec, curacao or if you can't afford it cointreau is best (I am on a budget because of moving so it's triple sec for me!)
1 small part cranberry juice

Make a pitcher and serve up in a modern size martini glass with a game of skip-bo out in the sun room. Trust me you will have fun.


  1. So cute! I love glitter plastic. I have Hellerware candles with the glitter plastic covers. I'm going to start looking for some pieces like yours to go with them.

  2. Oh those candles are neat! I have never seen them before. I love your ice bucket too. Although I like mine, I'd like to find one that matches my snowflake glasses better. You definitely need some more gold glitter pieces! My favorite pieces are yet to come...

  3. They are so the gold glitter.I bet they are even more fabulous during the holidays when everything is green and red.Can't wait to see part two.