Friday, May 22, 2009

Hats Off!

I recently acquired the most perfect hat for me. You see, I'd really like to be a hat person, and I finally have a hair cut that looks good with hats. I just haven't gathered up the nerve or maybe it's the capital to fully commit to both the hat collecting and hat wearing obsession. In truth, maybe it's because as a woman everyone looks at you like you are crazy if you wear a hat when it's not 40 degrees outside or you are not at the Kentucky Derby. Actually, I find the role reversal of hat wearing one of life's greatest ironies. It seems to me women used "own" hat wearing. Not that men didn't wear hats, find me an old movie where there isn't at least one scene with a man outside wearing a hat. But, back then, for men, it seems there wasn't much to their hats, they were all pretty similar give or take a few variables like color, the height, brim length, and bands. But for women's hats the variety was astounding. It seems like it was something extra-special or extra-glamorous for women back then, and frankly it was required in some circles (think church). It added that final touch to the perfect outfit, and it was quite utilitarian at times. It could be the perfect veil for secretly spying on someone or hiding from them when need be (ok I've watched too many old movies! but can you imagine how different the last scene of Casablanca would have been if Ilsa wasn't wearing that awesome hat that allowed her to hid her tears and at the same time make him just a little bit sorry for the beauty and glamour he was giving up...). Now, though, a man can don a hat any day of the week in any setting, and it's 100% accepted and even complimented. Baseball caps, cowboy hats, fedoras, you name it. A woman puts one on outside a honky tonk, beach, or her own backyard while gardening, and people look at her like she's lost her mind. I wish I knew when and why this shift happened. Maybe it happened in the 60s when feminism took hold. But why.... I realize it was probably difficult to find and afford the hat, shoes, gloves, purse, jewelry etc to match, not to mention finding the storage place to put all the matching hats. Or maybe it was a negative symbol of women's former role in society. Or maybe they stopped making good hats. Or maybe women just got tired of it. Or maybe haircuts changed so drastically hats just didn't look good anymore. Or maybe it was just something antiquated and women started wondering why do we have to wear these dumb head coverings anyway.... I don't know. All I know is I wish it wasn't so shocking to today's society if a woman puts one on now just to go out to dinner. I guess for me it's just another little piece of femininity that has eroded. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, a lot of glamour and femininity in dress has gone the way of the hat for women. I guess I'm just trying to do my small part to bring femininity back. Anyway, enough of my rant...onto my hat...

This is my most recent's cute, sweet, and has BIRDS ON IT!!

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