Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time for a Luau

So this is my fifth post on this blog, and for a second time already I am going to take back something I said. As with the last time (when I said that CollectoratorOne and only go once to Warrenton), this time is also for a good Collectorating reason. In my recent Seibel blog, I discussed how I wanted to start collecting the Vision pattern from Seibel's Impromptu line, well this weekend I've acquired a small starter set of the Luau pattern from this line. Now I realize that I said the reason I wanted to collect one of the original 8 patterns offered was because it would make it more likely that I'd find the pieces offered the pattern, including those that are more rare. However, actual availability in this case (as in available to me to purchase for a decent price at a local store) overrode desirability.

CollectoratorOne further justified the purchase by deducing the Luau pattern had to be in the next set of 5 offered through an ad in the Richard Racheter Seibel book. This ad was for the gift sets which include the rarer pieces so we know at least they were offered. Whether that many people actually bought the set is another question and is what keeps us collectorators going. The Luau set and the other four offered in that series (Garland as an example) were different from the first eight in that they offered an interesting use of accent color on the pieces a la the Informal line. For instance, the plate and platter have a solid spot of color in the center, the sugar bowl and casserole have a ring of color on the rim under the lid, and the cup and saucer has a solid accent color saucer.

The other justification is that it really does fit better into my previous justification of getting a fancy dish set for the spring/summer seasons (can you actually justify a previous justification??). The whimsy of the tropical flower design is also reminiscent of the Sleepy Hollow clematis vine which is my informal spring/summer line, so overall it is a better fit for spring/summer than the Vision line. Are you with me yet on the justifying???

Stayed tuned to see how I fair collecting this set. Currently I have 8 soup/cereal bowls and 8 bread and butter plates. Luckily they go together as the bread and butter plates make a nice pedestal for the soup bowl. I think the first thing I will serve in these dishes will be tomato soup. How awesome will bright red tomato soup look in that bowl!?

Also this weekend I landed a few other new items as well. A set of four ceramic birds that can either sit on a shelf or be hung on the wall. They are posed in flight. This is adds beautifully to my collection of flying bird sets (who knew I'd have a collection!) CollectoratorOne gave me this awesome wooden carved set of blue birds in flight for Christmas one year. I've never seen any other ones carved out of wood. It's always exciting starting a new set.
The other new item I acquired this weekend was a chartreuse Horton Ceramics long planter for my chartreuse dining room collection. Horton Ceramics was a ceramics company out of Eastland Texas. I couldn't find out much about the company other than they made a lot of head vases and animal shaped ceramics but they also made some planters and pots including this one. It is marked Horton Ceramics Texas 012 on the bottom. CollectoratorOne and I recently discovered this Texas pottery company in Warrenton when we saw an interesting pot that we did not buy but noted it was from Texas and therefore we've been keeping an eye out for it since. This piece has very interesting lines and a dash of black speckle.

All in all another good collectorating weekend. At some point I need to slow down on this collecting! My pocketbook can't keep up!!! Stayed tuned because I am sure I will have to soon take back this last statement as well.... =)

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